Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Date”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Date”

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A date is a picture in which reflects all the necessary feelings between a man and a woman. It conceals a riddle of embraces, the mysteries of which Pablo Picasso will use for a long time in all subsequent works: the line of one figure smoothly flows into another, the volumes merge, and only the color of the clothes can separate them. The artist reveals to the world many new couples - from simple vagabonds to lovers, where they also merge in the reciprocity of their feelings - this has become his leitmotif throughout his career.

In the painting Meeting it would seem that everything is simple: bare walls, a chair, a bed, a man and a woman, hugs - and the outcome of events seems to be clear, but these hugs are not simple. They seem to show that there is some desperate tension between them - a farewell hug. Something must happen, as in the heroes of Remarque's books, and there is very little time left.

Picasso was able to betray the idea of ​​these hugs with simple colors and completely simple lines - no faces are visible, we are not looking at them, nevertheless we are witnessing a very important scene. The transience and insignificance of life is felt, something happens behind the walls of this attic, but Picasso does not say that, allowing everyone to present their own version of events. For example, the poet of the Soviet period - V. Kornilov saw in the meeting resistance to the regime of Stalin, and not lovers.

The author of the canvas himself did not conceive it as a love or protest. Picasso painted a picture in 1900, when time was relatively calm, and the picture depicts a scene in a public house in Barcelona, ​​later he also painted a couple of paintings on this subject.

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