Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Court of Paris”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Court of Paris”

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Mikhail Vrubel is one of those Russian artists who became the father of Russian Art Nouveau. It was the elements of Art Nouveau that the master used to create a unique masterpiece, The Court of Paris. Vrubel used more accurate lines, ornaments that have a hidden and deep meaning, and calligraphy was also added to this technique.

Vrubel’s painting is based on the plot of a famous myth in ancient Greek mythology, according to which the shepherd Paris decides to punish the three goddesses. The masterpiece conceals the consequences of the decision that Paris took, and the Trojan War became the consequence.

If you look at the picture, you can see that on the left side of the viewer a beautiful sky appears, on the clouds of which the beautiful Juno is located, who promised Paris to give power over Asia. You can see young men in the sea who have mermaid-like tails, and on the right is the goddess of wisdom Minerva, who promised Paris glory in exchange for receiving the coveted apple. In the center of the triptych you can see Paris itself, which grazes sheep, and in front of it the beautiful Venus basks in the sun. The painting also depicts a cupid, which surprisingly saddled a dolphin and holds the coveted and coveted apple above Venus’s head. The goddess of beauty promised Paris mutual love and joy, and Paris could not give up the temptation to know love.

The painting was made in the style of the Renaissance and in muted lilac tones, which later did not please the customer of the painting. This image of a famous scene from mythology, gives food for thought about life, love and glory. Each viewer looking at the picture possibly condemns Paris, who handed the apple to Venus, maybe he had to make a different choice and thereby avoid a bloody war.

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