Description of the painting by Henri Matisse "Woman in a Hat"

Description of the painting by Henri Matisse

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In 1905, Henri Matisse renounced the usual mixture of colors and decided to use classic shades in his works. Such a policy was very different from the usual technique of past eras. Of course, such an approach did not immediately appeal to society and critics. One of the clearly expressed works of this nature was the painting “Woman in a Hat”.

When the work was put on display to the general public, famous esthetes considered it an insult to creativity. Since it deliberately lacked complex lines and eye-pleasing colors, a wave of indignation broke out among the audience. Many considered it a challenge to society, calling it wild. Hence a new trend in creativity.

Matisse seemed to play on the nerves of critics, demonstrating this work. It depicts a woman in a big awkward hat. And the heroine herself does not much resemble a real woman. Intentionally created flashy colors, despite the contradictions around, turned out to be quite compatible with each other. The artist wanted to give his character a certain independent life, clearly delineating reality and fantasy. In his work, the lady lives on her own, her facial features are unimaginably simplified, as if specially disfigured. The combination of shades of the major row (green, yellow, red, bright blue) gives the picture an elevated mood and playfulness. A similar approach was extremely risky in those days, despite the progressive art of European countries.

Causing such a violent reaction to his work, Matisse seemed to be happy about this. Contemporaries claim that he deliberately ruled out the existence of painting standards in his works in order to show society the true face of painting - not connected with the framework of the familiar and designed to provoke a reaction. The painting "Woman in a Hat" is an excellent confirmation of this.

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