Description of Camille Pissarro’s painting “Opera in Paris”

Description of Camille Pissarro’s painting “Opera in Paris”

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Camille Pissarro devoted a lot of time to working on his canvases and was deservedly considered the patriarch of French impressionism. And the main theme of his work is Paris. The creator did not set himself the goal of conveying the external image of the city. Rather, he wrote feelings and emotions.

In the picture “Opera passage in Paris” you can see a lot of people, umbrellas, carriages moving in different directions, a wet pavement. But this is not just written, in an amazing way, the author was able to convey the general mood of the city. It’s just some kind of magic of colors. The air seems to be filled with warm sunlight, raindrops. And behind the fog at the end of the street is a whole city.

One of Pissarro's favorite motifs is the streets that go into the distance. And this picture is an ideal compositional solution to this topic. Multi-storey heavy houses do not overload the picture and are shifted slightly to the side, and attention is attracted by the flow of people going about their business. And this vanity does not violate the calm and peace emanating from the canvas. The author subconsciously increases the length of the French streets. In fact, the opera is located much closer than depicted by Pissarro. On each canvas of the artist, Paris is unique.

In this case, a sunny, snowy winter day is depicted, the shadows of people and wagons are barely perceptible. The combination of huge buildings and silhouettes of people that seem tiny against their background is presented in a special way. Precisely and at the same time, the details in the picture, shop windows, fountains, lampposts are gently registered.

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