Description of the painting by Lev Solovyov “Monks didn’t go there”

Description of the painting by Lev Solovyov “Monks didn’t go there”

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Voronezh Lev Solovyov is not particularly known to a wide audience, only great connoisseurs of art and artists know him, and that, perhaps, not all. However, this work is familiar to many.

Only here, the author of his Solovyov is undeservedly forgotten, and if it were not for Repin and not one curious mistake, no one would have known about him ... The fact is that, by a strange coincidence, the painting was attributed to the brush of Ilya Efimovich Repin, and even under another name is “Sailed”.

Hence the famous "Repin's painting - sailed!" - when getting into awkward, embarrassing, anecdotal situations. Most likely, Solovyov’s work at some exhibition hung next to Repin’s canvases, and someone mixed up in the confusion, “inventing” the name “Sailed” by analogy with Repin’s famous painting “They Didn’t Wait”.

Meanwhile, as already mentioned, the “Monks” belong to the brush of Leo Solovyov, who was better known as an icon painter.

The canvas in Ukraine today illustrates a river lying in a fog somewhere on the outskirts of a village. The visibility is terrible, and therefore the monks, who clearly did not follow these paths (the monks, after all!), Swim in the most common female bathhouse. Here, many naked rural women wash, bathe and put themselves in order. It’s time for the monks to say: “Well, Repin’s picture - sailed!”.

But the most interesting and funny thing is that the monks do not even bother to turn away with the words "oh, what a shame, Lord have mercy!", They look at the ladies naked bodies without embarrassment and embarrassment. So much for the devilish temptation-obsession!

However, dear viewers, we also “catch” on this indecent examination of washing young ladies: yes, those very two children who, smiling and laughing, look at the viewer, the only ones from the whole picture.

It is also interesting to take a closer look at how different reactions women have: there is embarrassment, and fright, and indifference, and laughter ...

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