Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “At Night”

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “At Night”

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Creativity M. Shagala causes a lot of controversy today. His focus in painting has changed throughout his life. This was due to the eventfulness of events and frequent artist movements. He created his own reality, sometimes not clear to everyone, but original.

The painting “At Night” reflects a religious theme, conveys the artist’s suffering associated with the hometown of Vitebsk. This work shows Chagall's love for women and touches on the theme of flying people, so beloved by the artist. The plot of the picture is incomprehensible without a careful study of the color scheme.

The artist used color to convey his feelings and emotions. The master’s works often use red and green. Red color indicates alarm and anxiety. These feelings are associated with Chagall's birthday, on that very day in Vitebsk there was a big fire. This event was so clearly imprinted in the memory of the master that in the future he always used it in his work, conveying his emotional experiences. The red rooster shows the approach of change and anxiety.

The artist often depicted this bird, which is also associated with his religious views. A little green, barely perceptible can be contemplated on the canvas. This color was the most beloved for Chagall and symbolized life and feelings. At first glance, the picture looks mystical and unrealistic.

Having looked closely, you can find a lot in common with everyday reality, simply transmitted through the individual look of the artist. And the woman looks real, the flight symbolizes freedom. A dark background emphasizes the shapes in the foreground. It is at night that one can travel in dreams and be absolutely free.

The painting was painted upon the return of M. Chagall to Paris after emigrating to the United States. This canvas conveys anxiety and, nevertheless, a sense of freedom and independence, so necessary for the artist.

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